Symfony Lenses

The Symfony lens is the first lens to be approved by the FDA with the designation “extended range of focus” intraocular lens. While the lens implant looks like a multifocal lens, the optics work differently. Instead of producing two distinct focal points, the lens can achieve excellent clarity at distance and a range of clear vision at near for patients receiving the lens. The arrival of the Symfony lens is welcomed news because many patients who were not good candidates for a multifocal lens may, in fact, be very good Symfony candidates. One specific group of patients consists of cataract patients with significant astigmatism.

Our expectations for Symfony patients are that they should be able to pass a driver’s test, navigate their cell phone, perform most computer tasks, and read their Kindle without the need for glasses. A multifocal lens can be considered a bit stronger than the Symfony with regards to its ability to provide newspaper or paperback book reading vision to implanted patients. While complete spectacle independence is often our goal with our refractive cataract surgery patients, we are, of course, unable to guarantee any specific outcome. Like multifocal lens patients, patients undergoing Symfony lens implantation need to understand that they may see some halos/rings around lights when driving at night. Fortunately, the incidence of persistent and troublesome night vision disturbances is uncommon.

Patients contemplating cataract or refractive lens exchange surgery can be evaluated for their candidacy for the Symfony lens or other refractive techniques.

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