Multifocal & Cataract Testimonials

Having given me perfect vision with the ReSTOR IOL is a miracle and the best gift ever. You made the transition so easy with your expertise, kindness and really caring about me and your staff is the best.
- Jean Escalera

Thank you so much for your kind and courteous attention as I had cataract surgery. It eased my mind and improved my sight.
- Mark Franklin

This word describes my vision and experience with my new ReSTOR lenses. I am thrilled and feel so lucky to be living in the year 2009 with thee incredible technical advances in eye surgery. I spent a year interviewing eye surgeons before I met Dr. Paveloff. His expertise, knowledge and confidence gave me the assurance to proceed with the IOL procedure. The results – wonderful vision near and far.
Now, nature radiates! I can see and enjoy the intricate and colorful details of my hummingbirds and enjoy the shapes and shadows of mountains in the distance.In all of my favorite activities like officiating at weddings, teaching yoga, hiking and writing a college textbook on my computer, I have no eye strain and NO GLASSES! Daily actions like reading a menu in a dimly lit Italian restaurant or reading the movie times in the newspaper are now easily accomplished. I definitely feel more engaged in life itself.Dr. Paveloff’s entire staff is fabulous and extremely helpful in every area from scheduling to assisting with insurance. I give Dr. Paveloff the highest recommendation and Five Stars.
- Barbara Rose Sherman

I love my new eyes, love seeing the world in a new way! I am told by friends and family that cataract surgery is commonplace, but to me there is nothing commonplace about it. Thank you for your mastery, Dr. Paveloff, and for your kindness and that of your cheerful and helpful staff.
- Duffie Bart